Digestive Enzymes With Probiotics & Prebiotics - 180 capsules Enzyme Supplement for Healthy Digestion & Help with IBS, Gas, Bloating and Lactose Intolernce

About the product:
  • ✓ ARE YOU SUFFERING abdominal cramps, indigestion, gas, bloating or that heavy weight in your gut after meals? Boosting the enzyme levels in your stomach will help break down all types of food faster as well as improving your body’s uptake of those nutrients. Faster and more efficient uptake will help you feel lighter and more energetic while the extra enzymes will quickly ease bloating and discomfort even after a large complex meal. You’ll feel more energetic mentally as well as physically.
  • ✓ ENJOY EVERY MEAL! - Maximize your nutrient intake while minimizing digestive distress. Eat what you like, without worrying about paying for it later. Naticura’s professional grade digestive enzyme formulation will take care of ensuring your comfort.robust
  • ✓ ENZYMES BREAK DOWN PROTEIN, FATS, CELLULOSE & COMPLEX CARBS: Digestive enzymes take care of the chemical breakdown of all types of food into useable components – simple sugars, amino acids, fatty acids & cholesterol, as well as the nucleic acids that help make DNA.
  • ✓ OPTIMIZED FORMULA - Naticura’s Digestive Enzymes are formulated with a thoughtful balance of non-GMO plant based enzymes, Inulin & Fructooligosaccharide Prebiotics as well as 1 Billion CFU of a multi strain Probiotic to improve daily intestinal health. We’ve included a further boost of greens and herbs traditionally used for digestive issues. Optimized for men and women suffering from gastrointestinal complications including IBS, constipation or diarrhea.
  • ✓ IT'S A FACT that many of the enzymes that should be accessible naturally from food have been negated by cooking or pasteurization. Our enzyme-packed veggie caps take up the slack; easy to take - a convenient and welcome solution with no magnesium stearate, no silicon, no fillers.
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