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Naticura’s founders look for natural and green products to use in all aspects of their daily lives, and we especially demand healthy and skin friendly products for our bodies.  What we have found necessary and effective in our own lives, we want to offer be able to offer to you.

There is a new global awareness and concern over the places we work and live, that they should be safe from environmental hazard.  There is also increased concern over the foods we eat and what we ingest internally into our bodies.  All the more so, it is essential to look at what we put   on  our bodies… what substances are being absorbed directly through the skin.  Our digestive systems have the innate capacity to deal with a certain level of impurities and toxins.  There is not the same defense system when toxins are absorbed directly through the skin into the bloodstream.

Naticura’s founding partner Marli Joy brings many years of applied expertise as a an  alternative health caregiver, and Marli brings us her proven pharmacopoeia of herbal formulations and effective remedies for many common physical ailments that can confront even the healthiest lifestyle.

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