18 Nov 2012
November 18, 2012

Fuel for Our Digestive Flora

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We have discussed Probiotics, which are live microorganisms, colonies of bacteria that live and work within our bodies. When probiotics are active within our systems, in a balanced harmony, they are beneficial to our health by keeping harmful pathogens in check. We obtain probiotic microorganisms, bacteria and yeast, as components of many fermented foods, or.. read more →

11 Nov 2012
November 11, 2012

Tune-up for Your Digestive System III

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Finally, for a smoothly running system, our body needs something called probiotics. Science has only recently begun to understand how the microbial flora in our intestines function.  A classic definition of “probiotics” would be “a live microbial feed supplement which beneficially affects the host animal by improving its intestinal microbial balance”. Digestively, probiotics are usually.. read more →

07 Nov 2012
November 7, 2012

Tune-up for Your Digestive System II

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The second part of our healthy digestion tune-up, are enzymes. Enzymes are “chemically active proteins that enhance reactions between other substances”. Whether that happens in a chemistry lab, or within our bodies, that’s what enzymes do… by acting as catalysts and making things happen. Our bodies use enzymes for many different things, including speeding up.. read more →

17 Oct 2012
October 17, 2012

Tune-up for Your Digestive System I

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Nature has fashioned our bodies to be very forgiving of the abuse we give them on a daily basis. We eat too much of the wrong things, too much of the right things, wash it down with toxic substances and somehow we usually survive the abuse.  Yet at one time or another, one or more.. read more →